Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Reading Logs and W.O.D.

Happy Wednesday!  Before I get started for today, I just want to say that I just can't believe how much I love my new job.  Even with the significant behavior problems I've had to deal with this week (must be the full moon), I'm still having a great week.  I have some wonderfully fun kids.

This week my focus is on tweaking several of my classroom activities so that they fit my teaching style and student needs.  Since I accepted this job the week before school started - I had planned to sub this year - I did not have much time to plan.  My partner shared all of her plans with me, and I jumped right in to the year.  Now after having a little time to get adjusted, I am beginning to figure out what will work better for me as I instruct these great kids.  One of our big focuses in this class is to increase student vocabulary, so this week we started a Word of the Day activity.  I have several vocabulary maps and think charts that work great for this; however since this is new to most of my students, I wanted a simpler form to use at first.  I came up with a half sheet that gets straight to the point.

Word of the Day

This week I also started a daily reading log with my students.  I have a great one that is for an entire week, but once again, since this process is completely new most of my students, I created a single day form that they can fill out once a week.  I can then use this as a formative assessment.  This too is a half sheet, so I may print them on the back of the W. O. D. sheets for a few weeks. 

Daily Reading Log

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