Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Fabulous Finds

One of my projects this summer has been to create a Words with Friends poster. I first found a couple of fonts that look like scrabble tiles, printed them on card stock, and had them laminated. While working on this I came up with a bunch of literacy ideas, so I made several sets of tiles and had them laminated as well.

Here comes the fabulous find part of this entry.  Today I went to Sam's Club looking for classroom books.  What I found was this:

What a fabulous resource for my letter tiles!  I am going to use these activities for everything - there are 130 different ones in the book, and then you figure those 130 generate at least as many new ideas.  Some of the activities are more involved, so I'm thinking I will have them made into file folder games.  What I love is that the book has some great activities for specific skills; such as for bossy r and long 'a' words.  Great find. 

Here are a few other things I bought there for great prices:

They had these Brain Quest games for every grade level - the topics and questions are aligned with the latest common core standards.

I have a similar set like this and my first graders loved it.  This one isn't color coded, but still seems like a good game to develop various different skills.  Last year I made a few different activity sheets that went with the game I already had, and they should work with this one as well. 

I didn't find any books, but I think these items are great finds that will be great fun for my students!

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