Friday, April 20, 2012

Easy Words Their Way Idea

As I've become more familiar with the Words Their Way program, I've discovered the need to become more efficient.  With students working in numerous different word sorts, I wanted to find a way to limit the amount of copies I was making.  I decided to make permanent copies of my word lists, so that I wasn't being wasteful, and so that the students could easily find their materials.  I made 10 copies of each sort and had them laminated.  Each sort has its own file folder, which helps with the organization piece, and the students' responsibility in caring for our materials.  These sorts are stored in a file crate, along with countless folders of spelling activities.  When I assign an activity to a particular student, they go to the file and get it themselves, which has saved me on set up time and space.  So far, this has worked great!  I have reusable materials that both the students and I can locate when needed.

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